​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Money Remittance Services

Mobile Money Transfer​​ ​

DOP Mobile Money Transfer is a service that enables instant money tra​nsfer from one place to another place using mobile, through Indian post offices. The consumer just needs to have a mobile while the actual transmission of the money is initiated by the Postal Assistant, using his/her special handset. The process for money transfer is very simple to understand and follow. This service will be a boon for those sections of our society who regularly remit money to their homes at faraway places and who have no access to any other financial instrument like bank account etc. except mobile phones. In order to give benefits to customers a rationalized tariff structure has been adopted for Mobile Money Transfer Service. A remitter has to just pay Rs46 (Rs40 Commission+Rs6 Service Tax) for remitting amounts between Rs1000 to Rs1500; Rs80 (70 Commission + Rs10 Service Tax) between Rs1501 to Rs5000 and Rs114 (Rs100 Commission + Rs14 Service Tax) between Rs5001 to Rs10000.​

The names of the Post Offices providing MMTS service can be seen in details upon clicking the name of the state (which is provided below).